Our History

Darul Arqam Islamic High School was founded in 1992, formaly known as Mitchell's Plain Islamic Girls High School. The school started at Barkens Center with grades 8 and 9. Providing for the educational needs of an economically disadvantaged Muslim community.

The first years of Darul Arqam Islamic High School were exciting and full of challenges. At first, families feared sending their children to an unproven school that had a small curriculum.

However, over the years the schools student population has grown over 700 pupils, our school is commuted to from all over Mitchell’s Plain and adjacent areas.

By the grace of Allah learners have successfully graduated from our school and are now pursuing studies at universities, technikons and colleges. Based on the success rate of our graduating seniors in the education department’s provincial and national examinations, our school has gained the reputation ranking us as one of the top schools in the Western Cape.

Providing discounted tuition and helping needy students financially, comes at a great cost to the institution. It is for this reason that we present you with this package to acquaint you with our school in the hope that Allah (SWT) will open your hearts and inspire you to donate and give generously. Angels spread their wings for those who seek knowledge, but imagine the bounty awaiting those who make educalion available.